Monday, March 31, 2014

Bandit is a 26' sailboat that I bought a few months ago with my family. She is a work in progress - we bought her for $50.00 and is currently sitting in my parents driveway on a trailer undergoing a lot of renovations. Since we bought her we have pretty much gutted her interior, electrical, and started over. The previous owner had used her as a floating storage unit and had old food, garbage, you name it packed inside for a few years.

Our goal for her is to turn her into a fun little pocket cruiser that my family can fly down and use in the Keys / Miami area to gain more sailing experience and one that I can use on my days off to store my "toys" (kayaks, bikes, paddleboard, etc.) in.  She is also my experimental boat, as an interior designer there are so many possibilities I can see a boat as having if you were to live aboard her....this little boat is hopefully going to have many of them so I can see what works onboard, and what doesn't before I ruin a larger boat down the line ;)

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