S/V Bandit's progress

Thursday, July 10, 2014

To recap, Bandit is a 26' Tanzer sailboat that my parents and I bought for $50 on an "impulse" buy .....the previous owner was going to either sell it before the weekend or sink it, due his lack of funds to pay for his dockage..... Long story short, many weeks later, and quite a few more "$50" later....the boat is looking more and more like she's ready to sail!

Removing the old engine to allow room for larger water tanks and storage area.

The engine out of the boat!

Engine space painted and ready for fiberglass patch.

Dad and I working on waterproofing the port holes.
Me sanding the cockpit / deck to be painted.
Deck with its fresh coat of paint.
And the red goes on!
The red complete.

Dad painting the keel.

Newly sand blasted and painted keel...

Hatch door and cockpit table.

Putting the keel back on.
......more putting the keel back on.

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