"Captain" Cooper

Friday, August 01, 2014

We've added to our crew! Welcome Captain Cooper.....our new Bengal kitten. 

Growing up, I've always had pets - always a couple of cats, but also dogs, chickens, ducks, gerbils, a goose... (you get the picture haha). But as of a few years ago, I lost my last pet due to old age, Misty, an extremely sweet, loving, blind tabby cat. Once hearing about a guest's Savannah cat that her and her husband absolutely loved (and described as acting more of a dog then a cat) I started researching online. Savannahs were a little too 'wild' and even banned in a few U.S States....Bengals though, well they had the wild look, sweet personality, were hyper-allergenic....and LOVED water.... Sure enough, I was sold. 
And started to think of every possible way that I could get one on the boat, especially since some charter guests are allergic to cats - which turned out not to be a problem since Cooper's hair is not of a cats, but of his "Lepoard Cat" genes. 

Cooper learning to "fish"

 Info on Bengals:
Bengals look like a while cat but are as friendly, lovable, and docile as any domestic tabby. Bengals are playful, and energetic, and are extremely curious. They are supposedly not intimidated by water and love to be involved with their family. (For more information, visit: http://www.bengalcat.com/whatis.php or http://crazyaboutbengals.com/about-bengals/ )

Hammock time.... he's going to fit in perfectly with life in the keys!

Getting used to the water and walking on a leash.

Did I say he loves the water? 
Training for the boat life....

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