Captain Cooper's First Sail

Friday, November 14, 2014

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This past week marked Captain Cooper's maiden sailing voyage....and he did amazing! Cooper, knew to stay in the cockpit while we were underway but that once we were anchored he could freely walk the decks help to "organize" the lines left on deck. He definitely turned his 'cuteness' on max though as he explored the boat, posed for pictures and accepted treats along the way. Cooper loves being on the big boat and after a few short days is completely at ease in his new surroundings. The dinghy will take some getting used to but loves when we go ashore to stretch our legs as he walks beside us on his leash.

This week we started an Instagram account (an app downloadable to your smartphone) dedicated solely for Cooper.... you can follow his adventures through pictures or, if you have sailed with us, tag a photo you took of Cooper while on your trip. His Instagram Account name is captaincoopercat - I am very excited to see where this new picture media sharing may lead us!

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