Holidays at Home

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

For Christmas, we got to go home for the holiday! I got to redesign/redo my childhood bedroom for the few weeks each year I get to spend at my parents. My room took a total of 10 days (including tearing down 2 walls to redo its insulation to making my closet doors wider to allow better access).
This project was tons of fun, a family endeavor, very time consuming.... and best of all.... it let me use ALL of my pinterest ideas that I've been saving up for the past few years that was not quite compatible with the boat life ;)
Painting the accent wall
Refinishing all of the old furniture
Starting to come together
Painting an old rug I found rolled up in the attic
"Before"  aka 13 year old "the perfect horse - themed bedroom"

3d rendering of room schematic design
Old furniture repainted / stained

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