The Haul Out

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The finished saloon
 I stayed with the boat, Morning Dance, in Key Largo giving her a much needed interior renovation. All of the walls were washed in vinegar and panted to coordinate with the cushions in the saloon. It was great to see Morning Dance's transformation over a few gallons of paint and a few days worth of work.

New electric toilets to go with a new paint theme

Guest Aft head with new pant and new electric head

Can we be done yet??

Captains Quarters: new paint with old wallpaper comparision

Captains Quarters
Walk through / "hallway"


Also during this week, Cooper decided to wake me up one night around 2:45am while he tried swatting at a faint "buzzing" noise coming from our high water alarm. (A blessing in disguise as I was sound asleep.)..... After activating all of the bilge pumps and shutting off all of the through-hulls (thinking that a hose clamp had come loose) Cooper and I were able to trace the flowing water into the saloon where it was coming from our grounding plate that had broke a bolt loose. It was a tiny hole and a simple fix once the plug was pounded into it. It allowed our renovations to continue until we could get her hauled out at Manatee bay where we installed a new grounding plate and had her bottom repainted.
tiny plug in grounding plate hole


While the boat was being hauled out, we could not live on the boat in the yard..... 

view from the room
so we stayed at the motel at Gilbert's in Key Largo for a few days....  it was nothing fancy, a few broken drawers, no hot water, but was upstairs from the bar, live music, beach, and had tv and wifi to enjoy. Ah! Living the 'land life'
Enjoying the beach

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