Uh Oh!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Our "relaxing" delivery of S/V Morning Dance, from her haul-out in Manatee Bay in Key Largo to our anchorage in Miami, planned out for our weekend before going home for the holidays...
"Freezing" 5am morning sailing
We had left late - around 4pm - from Manatee Bay waiting on High Tide to clear their channel and had made it up to Pumpkin Key shortly after dark. In the morning we left early - around 5am- to hopefully make it back to Miami in time to pick up my car which as still in the Manatee Bay Marina Parking lot.Once we cleared featherbed channel we heard a loud bang and our engine came to a sudden hault..... at first we thought it may have been a lobster pot (super tangled up in the prop) but after further investigating and trying to crank over the engine found out it as not the case.

Luckliy we were already motor sailing and were able to continue on our path North until we were close enough for Harold and Margie to come out and tow us with S/V Island Dreamer before it became dark back to the anchorage.

We believe that it was just the engine's time to go and that a rod had broke loose on our journey North..... watch for posts on her new engine and on pictures of us working on getting the old one out and hauled away! Until that time however we will be doing charters on S/V Island Dreamer and living inbetween trips on S/V Morning Dance.

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