Engine Progress

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We have been working hard getting Morning Dance's Engine hauled out! Harold came over and gave us a hand with the logistics and extra hands for lifting once we got it prepped and rigged up with a come-along and chains attached to the boom.
Transmission being lifted out of the Engine room.
It started with prepping the engine to get it small enough that it would fit through the walk-through hallway - removing the starter, injector pumps, etc to get it down to the engine 'block' itself.
Engine "before" everything was removed to the bare block

work in progress.....

 working on removing the "extras" from the Engine block

The cause of the engine failure....

Next came removing the transmission to allow room for the new one and the old generator that no longer worked.

Engine being raised out

Transmission in the aft cabin until the boat gets hauled out. 

Curious about everything...

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