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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Island Dreamer at Boca Chita (View from the top of the light house)
Over the course of Morning Dance's new engine's 'finished phase' - we had a little bit of a hiccup in getting her up and running as she should be. Once the problem was discovered, Harold and Margie (our bosses and Morning Dance's owners) were already in the middle of a charter themselves in the Florida Keys. 

Harold managed to do some fast problem solving and within 24 hours I was being dropped off at Alabama Jacks (on Card Sound) to continue the charter with Margie as Harold continued with Morning Dance's engine logistics back in Miami.  

It was Margie and I's first charter working together - it was fun cruising, swapping stories, seeing how the other 'team' operated, and allowing us to appreciate some of the things our 'other halves' did on board.

It was a great half of a trip for me with fun, adventurous charter guests, sunny weather, and perfect conditions to work on docking skills.... wind however became scarce in the end giving us mirror effect over much of Biscayne Bay (very smilar to our end of summer / August weather). 

Hopefully good news will come quickly on our new engine and you will find us sailing her once again throughout the Keys.... Until then we are operating out of our school's other Morgan OutIsland 41', Island Dreamer.

At the helm on Island Dreamer

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