Almost Heaven, West Virginia

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Last week I had the opportunity to drive home and relax for a few days, decompressing from working on the engine and getting myself together before our next series of charters.....

While I was home though, I found that I had a need to 'create' and started working on multiple projects at once.... from projects on my small boat (Bandit) to redesigning my parent's master bedroom, there was never a dull moment while I was home.

walking in a winter wonder land....

Winter scene from our kitchen.

Cooper and I's drive north...

Poor Bandit, freezing.
Cooper's first time seeing snow! (Then I made him go on a hike with me in it)

It was too cold to work in Bandit outside in the snow, so my Dad and I brought our projects to the dining table!

Starting to re-assemble the odds and ends I painted over the summer.
Laying out the design to be wood burned

Working on the wood burn design in the chest.

The chest stained, polyurethaned, and almost ready for its top to be put on.

Chest complete!

Shelves to display my Dad's coal collection and my Mom's pictures I helped to make and stain.

Parent's room almost complete...

Cooper "stalking" his favorite cat Gypsy (my Mom's cat.)

Cooper enjoying the benefits of the heater....

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