Derrek and Stephanie's Nic-Nac Adventures

Monday, February 23, 2015

It took us a little while (year or so) to realize we both enjoy searching through nic-nac/antique/junk stores for interesting things....

For me its all about the stuff that I can re-purpose, finish, or use such as old lamps, furniture, picture frames, boxes, etc. Usually the stuff I find gets brought back to my parent's house and used somewhere in its decor. Most recently it was my green glass lamps that we found in Key Largo later re-purposed to match my bedroom I redesigned over Christmas.

For Derrek its all about the nautical things.... He and his parents have been working the past few years on remodeling and expanding their lake house in Minnesota and he's been in search for nautical decor or old boat pieces (rigging) that could be displayed in their cabin.

Its a little bit tougher in Miami for finding the right 'deals' as each vendor believes they hold the best prices for their 'junk.' Its not like home where you can get a $50.00 nick-nak for $10 without even hassling them for a lower price. Miami does however have a lot of nautical things with tons of history. You can find old helm stations, block and tackle that you can barely lift, and much more. Its always and adventure not knowing what you will find as we explore Miami's and the Keys antiques.

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