New Engine!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Engine!!

After almost two months of dealing with our ‘dead’ Perkins engine, we now have a fully functional 63 horse power Yanmar engine on board! We have put many hours into taking the old engine apart, cleaning parts to be sold, painting the engine room, and helping to put the new engine in with plumbing, wires, clamps, etc.

Goodbye broken generator and old engine!!

Empty Engine Room

Removing the old exhaust to make room for the new, bigger one.

So proud...I cut out the hole for the new engine panel!!

The new panel in.

Patching up the holes left over from the old engine's systems.


What projects on the boat look like...


We are glad to be ‘home’ and back on Morning Dance. She still has a lot of cleaning and little tweaks that need adjusted here and there, but she will be up and better than before in just a few days!!!

The next few weeks will be exciting for us, as we must run her at a higher cruising speed than normal to help ‘break in’ the new engine (6 knots here we come!!).

Cooper checking out the new, painted engine room.

"helping" with engine checks.... sort of.

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