Strictly Sailing

Monday, February 16, 2015

Bayside is just on the other side of the Port of Miami Bridge

The strictly sail portion of the Miami Boat show took place at Bay Side once again this year. It was rearranged a little differently, as the marina was in the middle of repairs to their docks, spreading the show over parking lots, grass, sidewalks, and docks.... even having a few booths (including us) that were available for the public to see without having to pay for a wristband. 

On Monday I helped run the ASA booth for a few hours. During those hours I met alot of other instructors from the Miami area and a few ASA affiliates - its a lot of fun to see what kinds of boats they are running, hear their sailing stories, and to hear how they conduct their ASA charters.
Some of the new boats set up to tour.
Last year was the premier of the ASA sailing simulator - a catalina 13, attached to a 'robot' (as I like to call it) that moves the boat when you move the tiller. Through it, we teach the "basics of the basics" on points of sail and terminology to those wanting to learn more about our organization and on how to sail. I wish I could have snapped a few pictures of the sailing simulator this year as I got to 'play around' in it myself trying to attract crowds to our booth and teaching individuals the basics of sailing.

And as for the kid in me.... I got a new t-shirt!!!! ***I will work and help with almost any shift for a t-shirt.***  Especially one that is all decked out in boats and has 'instructor' written all over it....

My view of the Port of Miami as I walked home, to Morning Dance, after the show.

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