Morning Dance up and Running!!.... Finally!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Third time’s the charm! 
.....Well, sort of.

Morning Dance ran into a few problems during the installation process with the heights of exhaust hoses in conjunction with her waterline…… she ended up flooding her engine full of salt water the first time we heeled her over while sailing and Harold had to have it rebuilt / fire the old mechanics / hire a new set of mechanics that got her up and running within two days of getting the engine back. It took quite a few weeks, and a few oil changes, but Morning Dance is up and running and in full charter mode with a brand new engine and freshly redone interior!

Harold, and the mechanics working to lower the new engine into the boat.

Harold helping to guide the new engine back onboard.

Cooper helping?? Not really...

View from our 2 hour test run throughout Miami.

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  1. Hi Stephanie- John (from John and Mary Lou on the charter when you sat-in for Harold) here... SO GLAD MORING DANCE IS BACK!


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