Three Steps Closer to being ready to set sail!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bandit, our 26' Tanzer sail boat, is a few steps closer to being done!!
Here is what we were able to check off our To Do List this past week:
  • *New to us* Danforth anchor and Mooring ball 
  •  Seat Cushions and covers made
  • NEW ENGINE ordered!!!

Seat Cushions and Covers:
But the most accomplished award goes to my parents, who have been working hard on her in WV! Not including the cost of fabric (that was purchased over a year ago for her), we only have $10.00 in all of the foam that was used. All together the seats and backs ended up being a little over 60 linear feet, all 4” thick. The foam was taken from seats of worn couches that we found at second hand stores, craigslist, and freecycle. Since each piece of foam was around 2’ long that ended up being glued together to make long sections that would be more comfortable to sleep on and easier to position. 
Pictures from my parents on the cushion progress!

New Engine!
Today my Dad ordered our new engine that will be mounted on Bandit! We ended up going with a 9.8 hp, 4-stroke, 2 Cylinder Tohatsu with a 25” long shaft, electric start, 6 am alternator….etc. Fingers crossed… it should be delivered to the boat in the next 3 days! We were originally going to go with a Nissan engine, but soon sold out online – Tohatsu, however is the company that makes the motors for Nissan, so voila! same engine!!

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