Our Ocracoke Adventure

Thursday, August 06, 2015

I'm a little late posting this.... but over the 4th of July week my parents drove down from WV to visit me and go sailing on our "new-to-us" boat, Barefoot. We took two days off working the docks at River Dunes and headed off to Ocracoke.

It took us about five hours to make it from River Dunes to the channel entrance off of the sound then another 2.5 hours as we battled the opposing current into the Ocracoke harbor. We stayed at the Anchorage Inn and Marina at their dock for the night (the owner is from my hometown, Morgantown WV and attended WVU too - Let's GOOOOOOO Mountaineers!!). It was a cute little place with clean showers, a fun restaurant, and a small pool overlooking their docks. 

In the morning we rented a golf cart to get the fast tour of the area, as we needed to get back that night for work the next morning and to beat the system that was working its way closer to us.

After a few hours of sailing, the trip took a turn full of a little bit more excitement than originally planned.... we heard a huge bang and our forestay broke apart...

Just as we teach in ASA 103 though, we headed downwind, immediately set up a backup forestay, turned on the engine, and took all of the sails down. It went from being a laid back, easy going, family vacation, to an intense instinct taking over with Derrek and I all over the place getting things newly situated. After that, the trip went a little bit slower...about 13 hours total, until we made it back safe and sound to River Dunes. 

Once back, we called the local Rigging guy and in a few short days had our new fore-stay up and the rest of the rigging checked out. It ended up that an inside piece of of our roller furler (which you cannot see to inspect unless you take the entire system down and unbolt everything until you reach its inner workings) rubbed up against the fore-stay until it finally gave in..... we now have all new rigging and freshly fixed sails!

Coopers helping with our lines as we sail.

Cooper watching everything fly off the shelf as I was completely unprepared for the waves we encountered....

S/V Barefoot underway

My parents walking to see the lighthouse

The park beside the Lighthouse

My parents looking at them menu at a local restaurant we found walking around the island - it had great BBQ!!

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