S/V Loki's Interior Renovations

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Today was spent renovatng Loki, our 30' Hunter that is used in our sailing school in North Carolina.

I started by tearing out her wall to wall carpet that had seen better days - it cost me a few blisters, but in the end it will be well worth it! I used Rust Oleums topside primer and paint (I found it through trial and error working on Bandit. It is awesome in adherring to raw fiberglass and you can even paint on top of it  - with exterior house paint, to get your desired color since they only make topside paint in about 5 standard colors). 

The plan is to do a simple 'clean' update and replace the v-berths walls with commercial grade vinyl wall-coverings (left over from Bandit) to finish off her look. Tomorrow will be spent touching up some lines and hopefully getting to her exterior varnish and new non-skid paint if the rain holds off.

Yuck! Glad to be getting rid of all of the carpeting!

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