Greece, Day 2

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Today is our second day in Athens, Greece! Please pardon any spelling or language issues as our web broswer keeps translating everything into Greek!

 We spent the day walking all over the Plaka (8.21 miles to be exact) exploring the ancient ruins and had a great time!

We bought a pass We for 12 euros per person that allowed us to visit 7 attractions. We made ​​it to 6 of the attractions before they closed at 3pm, taking tons of photos along the passing. The pass is transferable to multiple days, but to get as had much sight seeing as possible in today. Tomorrow we will set-Out  for our new hotel on the beach, about an hour walk or 15 min cab ride away, close to the marina we will shortly be sailing-Out of. 

We found a great little taverna (near the hard rock cafe, just outside of the ancient agora) that offered a lunch special for 22 euros .... 2 beers, a large greek salad with bread for an appetizer, and two traditional greek meals. We were full after the salad and stuffed after our main dishes. We highly recommend them though can not remember it's name or read our receipt for its info!

Below are photos from our excursions today: 

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