Sailing Greece, Round two...

Monday, September 21, 2015

Saturday was the start of our second week cruising the Greek Isles by sailboat! Sailing on a Sun Odyssey 43 'Jeaneau - it is our first week operating a charter boat here, and will be buddy boating with Margie and Harold who are operating a catamaran alongside us.  Last week we took notes from our boss and frends, Harold and Margie on tips, tricks, history, docking, favorite spots, restaurants, and much more as it was their third year cruising / chartering over here. So far we have snorkeled, sailed, and spent the night anchored at Epidavros. We ran into a bit of rain and high winds which gave us a layover in Epidavros for an extra day but it has not stopped everyone from exploring ancient amphitheater ruins and hiking mountain trails to take in the views of the quaint waterfront community.

Our boat here, Olympic Spirit, sails great, is comfortable, but lacks favorable amenities to us for Med mooring over here such as bow thrusters and markings on our anchor chain. We are making due and treating it like our old Morgan OutIsland 41, using prop walk / reverse at an easy going speed to make our lives easier.

We are joined by my parents, a pup named Dia, and two lovely ladies from New Jersey. Tomorrow, weather permitting, we plan on heading to Porus, a town we enjoyed greatly last week with Harold and Margie and their charter.

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