Several successful boat projects and one non-skid disaster!

Friday, September 04, 2015

We were able to get a lot accomplished in the three days were in Oriental, NC before working our way north to catch our flights to Greece. 

We cleaned all three of our boats inside and out, organized, installed new bilge pumps, fixed fuel and exhaust hoses, checked on wind indicators on top of the mast, topped off tanks, made up guest cabins, and packed for Greece to name a few. We also wanted to get Loki, our 30 'sailboat a bit a farther along on its renovation to do list and went to work on prepping / painting it's nonskid. We ended up spending about 6 hours total in sanding, taping, and painting her decks .... and it looked awesome. Then, the worst part happened. About 8 hours after our last coat of paint was rolled, it rained, very lightly, but still rained. Our paint should have set up enough that it would not have caused any problems. With our luck however, our batch of paint was little off, and it never set up. All of our hard work literally washed away into the harbor ... 

To view Scroll Down pictures of our nonskid progress and other projects completed: 

Taping off the nonskid:

Grey nonskid paint going on:

The destroyed nonskid:


Climbing the mast in a bos'n chair lift to take a look at the wind indicator:

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