Behind the scenes, our ICW Trip South

Thursday, October 08, 2015

We have a few days until our ICW trip south begins! We are very excited and will keep everyone posted along the way on our new adventure (so feel free to check back often!) 

Dirty vs Clean Fuel Filters

Since Greece, we have been working (for what seems like non-stop) on getting Barefoot ready for her next adventure and winter in Florida (we are EXCITED to be going back to the Keys!). From getting our dinghy engine serviced, filling up extra propane tanks, to cleaning out storage bins, making sure we have doubles of extra engine parts on board, sending out emails, to gathering necessary updated cruising guides and ASA exams, to filling up water and diesel tanks....we just about have everything imaginable covered. 

Cooper helping to take the Canvas down on Barefoot.

Lashing down the Jibs for high winds

Doubling up all the dock lines and taking all the sails down.

We have also been doing something new to us - winterizing our other boats in our sailing school fleet (since we've never had to worry about it in Florida before). Our hurricane threat last week even took a few hours away from us and our ICW prep plan - getting our 3 boats and 4 others in our marina ready for the potential storm. (We are so glad and thankful that it missed us and headed even farther East! The rising water levels of the Neuse blocking roads were enough for us to handle in Oriental, NC!) Sails and canvas were taken down, lines doubled up, dinghy's dropped or tied up on decks..... needless to say it kept us pretty busy for quite a few hours.

Tonight we head to WV to drop of Cooper at my parents house then on to the Annapolis boat show in the morning. We have a full two days packed with an ASA instructor lunch, helping work a few hours at the ASA booth, meeting new instructors, and searching for things we don't (and do) need for our ICW trip and charters in Florida. 

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