Cooper’s Adventure!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I am so proud; I just had to share this little adventure of Cooper’s…. 

Tonight as we began to relax from our day of sailing, Copper began his nightly ritual of exploring the decks and chasing birds/intently watching the waves and fish as they splashed around. Not giving it any other thought, I went downstairs to the galley to prepare dinner. 

You could still hear his loud thumps and pitter-patter of his feet as he did his laps around the deck. Next thing I knew he had a bird in his mouth and was proudly bringing it downstairs to me!! Where he – of course – let it go. It took a little time, but I grabbed the little bird then let it fly away. Cooper continued to roam the decks letting me know his displeasure at me taking his prize away for the next half hour talking up a storm. 

I am so proud of his accomplishment as he did this all while wearing his harness, life jacket, and collar with bells… all while running around a 45’ boat where the birds could have gone anywhere else. I’m impressed to say the least!

Check Out Cooper on the prowl 20 minutes before he caught his prize: 

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