Day Ashore in Titusville, FL

Monday, October 26, 2015

Today we are in full ICW cruiser mode as we explore the quaint town of Titusville, Fl! We have a mooring ball for two nights at the Titusville Municipal Marina that will give everyone on board access to a free dinghy dock, land showers, laundry facilities, friendly staff and fellow boaters, and even a lounge with cable TV.. Downtown Titusville is just a short 7 minute walk away, which includes modern conveniences like CVS, but also has an historical district with shops, restaurants, and museums. The Northern Brevard Historical Museum was unfortunately closed, as it is every Monday, so we already have an item on our must see list for the return trip next spring.

Historical Downtown Titusville

Walking around town

Practicing knots for ASA 101

This morning we are working on finishing up the theory part of ASA 101 with two of our students and finishing their exam. Concurrently, we are working with a Bareboat Cruising graduate who is now learning advanced navigational skills in ASA 105, as well as Advanced Coastal Cruising in the ASA 106 course. Our goal is to have each student as prepared as possible for our next offshore adventure.

Yesterday we were able to sail for most of the day in the ICW getting up to a sustained 7.3 knots for the day’s record high - sailing close hauled near Mosquito Lagoon. It was a great learning experience for everyone as they tried to keep the sails trimmed properly, keeping to the “high-side” or windward side of the channel and learning how leeway and weather helm will affect your navigation and steerage. They also gained experience calling bridge operators for their next available openings and learning how to use the current to hold your boat in position as you wait for the bridge to open.

7.45 knots!!!!! Under full sail in the ICW!

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