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Monday, January 18, 2016

Last week we had the pleasure of teaching a combined Bareboat Cruising Class, Coastal Navigation, and Catamaran Cruising on a Gemini 35, to previous customers of ours who sailed with us in North Carolina. We sailed out of Dinner Key Marina, just south of Miami, to the Florida Keys. We had strong winds which allowed us to sail all the way to Islamorada, Fl before having to turn around and head back North.

The class gave great experience on how to plan your trip and be cautious while sailing a catamaran, always reefing well in advance. During our 5 day charter our students were able to practice and experience sailing in everything from light winds (8 knots) all the way to gusts of 34 knots. On our last day of sailing we even had the pleasure of being surrounded in advection fog during the early morning (which happened to be a part of our weather lesson for the bareboat chartering course that they had learned earlier in the week.)

See photos below of highlights from our trip!

Sailing through the ICW in a little rain

Reefing the sail
A dolphin swimming with us as we sail into Biscayne Bay

Docked at Boca Chita to get a break from the rain and beautiful place to spend the night

Foggy, calm morning at Boca Chita after the rainstorm

Practicing with docking lines

Clear, sunny, calm way to end our last day with a few man overboard drills under power.
Derrrek inflating the dinghy so we can go to shore in the evening.

View from our dinner table at Loreli's

Us at Loreili's : Photo taken by our customers
Live music at Loreli's after Michael Trixx's Magic Performance

Derrek working on navigation and fuel consumption problems

Cooper keeping Stephanie company in the rain at the helm

Navigation Lessons underway

Navigating the ICW by correlating channel markers and their numbers to the charts 

Some friendly wildlife in one of the mangrove channels along the ICW

Preparing to undo from Gilberts and work our way North again
Derrek dancing with Carolyn and Gilbert's  Resort 

A little sunset in between the clouds

Beautiful Sunset in between the rain drops at Boca Chita

Practicing more navigation

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