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Friday, January 29, 2016

We thought we would let you in on a little secret of ours - one of our most favorite and most frequently used app that we own, Navionics. Its like having a personal GPS that you can take anywhere, edit anywhere, and use to look up marina information such as amenities, phone numbers, etc. It also has a 'social' layer to it where you can read edits from other cruisers.

Navionics works across devices, allowing you to trip plan and share!

This app works on both android and iphone platforms and costs around $10 for charts for the entire US and Canada (including inland lakes and waterways). (to us it is waaaay worth it. We can track where we've been, trip plan and (our favorite use) can be can be anywhere on the boat and see how our students are doing on their headings without having to guard the GPS mounted on the binnacle).

A track we did while sailing our little boat, Kermit through the anchorage

After years of using this app we finally took it to the next level: we are making community edits to the chart! Here you can find our favorite anchorages, tiki restaurants, kayaking and paddle boarding spots throughout the Florida Keys.
Click on these symbols to learn about anchorages posted by other cruisers.

We can't give everything away however! To find out about our 'top secret'-favorite things to do in the keys..... guess you'll just have to come sailing on a charter with us!

Look for our edits as TheLiveaboardsLogbook as you explore the app in the keys. We already have a bunch of places marked with new ones coming each week as we find free time. We look forward to seeing you out on the water and hope to run into you on the backwaters of the Florida Keys!

If it's been modified by TheLiveaboardsLogbook... you've found us!

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