Just like old times

Sunday, March 13, 2016

After sailing to Key West, we planned a little girls night where we enjoyed the town we used to celebrate our days off in while we were all staff members at the Boy Scout Camp in Islamorada, Fl. We enjoyed dancing, key lime pie, fresh seafood, tanning, shopping, and the sunset festival to name a few!

View from the trampoline on S/V Fat Cat at our Key West dock

"Free Beer" token I won for everyone by guessing the correct beer in their taste-testing happy hour special

Every morning we got a new cruise ship to give us excellent protection from the choppy waters just outside our marina. 
One of the many street performers at the Mallory Square Sunset Festival
It had been almost 2 years since the last time any of us had been to Key West and decided that using Teri and I's catamaran trip would be the perfect opportunity. Teri's sister and our friend, Maggie, drove down from the middle keys to join us and also helped us get Teri's catamaran ready for its next series of charters around Key West. 

Enjoying Key Lime Pie Martinis

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