Gwynne Comes to DC

Friday, December 02, 2016

Gwynne Comes to Town

My long lost best friend, Gwynne, came to visit me in DC back in October.... We met over 5 years ago when we first started working at a National High Adventure Boy Scout Camp in the  middle of the Florida Keys. We taught kids how to sail, kayak, and paddleboard and became instant friends our first summer together.

She traveled from Wyoming and spent just shy of two weeks with me before heading off on her even bigger adventure to explore Costa Rica. We explored everything from city side parks, aviation museums, and of course the DC monuments.

In addition to exploring my local city, we also did a lot of relaxing - coloring, pumpkin carving, and just hanging out catching up with eachother. She also began the first steps of creating her own blog to include her unique travels, yoga, and food... which I will update the link here once it is complete!

...Click on the photo above to see a photo story of some of our adventures...

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