The Liveaboard's Logbook is Officially back!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Wow. So a lot has happened since I last blogged... actually, I thought I was done with Florida, blogging, and even sailing professionally for that matter!

But I'm back blogging, due to a lovely facebook message that I received from WWS (women who sail group) that were searching for my blog that I had hidden a while back. Its still a work in progress but over the last few days I have combined posts from the Liveaboards Log Book with one I briefly started during my time in Washington, DC (Stephanie's Adventures).

I am hoping to soon be able to keep The Liveaboard's Logbook up to date as I combine my love of design with my love of sailing. I'm back to sailing professionally part time due to old friends / bosses of mine who are always there to help encourage me. You'll find me sailing or operating a powerboat from time to time with Biscayne National Park Institute.

New posts to hopefully come soon!
Fairwinds and following seas!

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