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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Well, after living here for almost 6 months... I was finally able to get out on the waters around Fort Myers in a sailboat! 

We sailed on a "colgate 26" similar to the one I stole from Google images here

By chance, I met an instructor who has been teaching for US Sailing Association for the last 10 or so years and offered to take me sailing on one of their little boats this past weekend. It was fun joking with another instructor over who's sailing association was "better" - the 'racing' USSA or the 'laid-back cruising' ASA. 

Starting off we didn't have a ton of wind but once we made it out into open water were able to zip around and really get the rails in the water. We even rigged up the spinnaker for a bit - something I was never able to do on the boats I used to teach on (either it wasn't in the course I was teaching at the time or the boat wasn't equipped with one). 

Afterwards we flew their drone from the beach -  taking videos, pictures, and 'chasing' fellow tour boats as they did their sunset cruise around the beach and grabbed a few beers at a nearby waterfront bar.

 Scroll down to see photos from the drone:

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