Weekend in Biscayne

Saturday, November 18, 2017

I spent the weekend catching up with old friends, getting my next 'to do list' for the BNPI webpage, social media, and marketing strategies, and spent a day sailing for Biscayne National Park Institute to Adams key for a day charter. 

It was an exciting day solo sailing a Gulfstar 45 in a small craft advisory - we got her up to 6 knots sailing, may have been on the edge of too much sail but after not sailing for a few weeks it was so nice to sailing again - even docking and un-docking her twice. Though I've docked a thousand times and know these waters like the back of my hand it can still become nerve-racking when the wind is up and you're fighting a strong current or trying to turn this boat with a ton of free-board around in a tight spot, then have to run up and grab your own lines before the bow blows off. Whew!!

Everything went extremely well -- even though my heart was racing a thousand beats per min! 
...A neighboring boat told me I 'docked it like a boss'... which really boosted the rest of my day. 

Check out some of the videos and pics below of the day sail.

See you on the water!

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