Sailing Cat

"Captain" Cooper, one amazing boat cat.

Cooper is a Bengal cat who is almost 4 years old, and weighs 12lbs with a potential of getting up to 22. He has a beautiful leopard-print coat, sweet, curious personality, and loves to cuddle when he's not off exploring! 
As a Bengal (a mix of domestic cat with Asian Leopard Cat), Cooper comes with a unique temperament and personality. He is extremely curious, intelligent, playful, loves water, and is hyper-allergenic (has the coat more similar to a dog then cat). 

In addition to the blog, you can also follow Captain Cooper and see more pictures of him on Instagram through his profile at:   captaincoopercat

Some fun facts about Cooper: 

  • Has fun hunting bugs - especially ants and moths!
  • Loves to burrow under blankets and take naps in hammocks
  • Favorite toy: ping pong balls
  • Carries on mini conversations in cat-chirp language and purrs a lot!
  • Loves the sound of running water 
  • Favorite Treat: *Pounce* Caribbean Treats
  • Goes on hikes, bike riding, and walks on a leash.

For more information on Bengals, visit:


A few links I found helpful to having pets on board: 

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